Anyone who wishes to address Township of Strong Council or to make a request of Council shall submit a completed "Delegation Request" form to the Clerk no later than 12:00 p.m. on the Thursday ahead of the Council meeting they wish to attend. The Clerk shall have the final approval on delegation requests in order to facilitate an orderly and timely meeting. Anyone who attends a meeting with an urgent matters who has not completed the form may ask the Chair to be heard which must be approved by resolution by a majority of Council. Only a single representative may address Council with permission of the Chair.

Delegation Request (PDF) forms are also available at the Township of Strong Municipal Office at 28 Municipal Lane, Sundridge or by contacting the Clerk's Department and requesting a form.

  • In order to ensure a mutually convenient date, please provide your request to the Clerk's Department as soon as possible.
  • Once all information is received and confirmed, we will contact you regarding further deputation and meeting details.
  • Deputations shall limit their presentation to not more than fifteen (15) minutes in length.
  • Only one spokesperson may speak on behalf of a deputation to Council.
  • Any person or organization is limited to two (2) delegations to Council per calendar year on the same subject matter.
  • Your supporting material, including any presentation material must be provided to the Clerk's Department by 12:00 p.m. the Thursday prior to the meeting. Material may be provided in hard copy or electronic format.

If you require a special format to read these documents or any other document referenced on our website, please contact us and we'll do everything we can to provide documents in an accessible format.