Understanding Your Tax Bills

 Who Pays Tax?
All property owners pay taxes to the Township. Tax bills cover the costs of Township services and school boards. Property owners must pay tax even if they don't use all the services provided.


When Do Property Tax Bills Come Out? 

Two property tax bills are mailed out each year, one in late February (interim tax bill) and the second in late June (final tax bill). Property taxes are calculated once the Township's annual budget, and provincial education tax rates, are set. This is why residents receive two tax bills. Each bill will have one due date.

Please Note:  Property owners of newly created properties, or properties that have had changes that were not accounted for on the interim or final bills, may receive a separate bill(s). These are called supplementary or omitted tax bills. Several bills may be received, based on when MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) provides assessment information to the Township.

Supplementary and omitted tax bills can be retroactive for the current year and the past two years. The due date for these bills will be two months from the date of issue.

 What Does My Bill Show Me?
Bills issued by the Township contain the following information:
  • The name(s) of the property owner (if there are multiple owners, only the first three will appear)
  • Assessed value and tax class assigned by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
  • Account number, roll number and legal description of the property
  • Breakdown of the tax bill payable to the Township and school boards
  • Account balance at the time the tax bill is produced (except on omitted and supplementary bills)
  • The due date
  • Contact information for the Township of Strong Municipal Office
 What is an Interim Tax Bill?
The first bill property owners will receive is the Interim Tax Bill. This is calculated using the previous year's information. This helps fund Township services until the final tax bill is complete in the summer.

The Interim Tax Bill is mailed in February and is due on the last Friday of May.

 What is a Final Tax Bill?
The Final Tax Bill is mailed to properties owners once Council passes the municipal budget for the year, and the provincial government sets the education tax rate, which typically happens in the spring.

The Final Tax Bill is mailed in late June and identifies any outstanding or credit account balances at the time of billing. The Final Tax Bill is due on the last Friday of October

Payment Options
There are several payment options available.