The Interim Tax Notice is mailed in February and is broken into two installments, which are due on the third Friday of March and May.

The Final Tax Notice is mailed in July and identifies any outstanding or credit account balances at the time of billing. The Final Tax Notice is broken into two installments, which are due on the third Friday of August and October.

If you have multiple properties, payments must correspond to the appropriate roll number, as found on your tax notice.

There are various ways to make your tax payments or general or application fee payments, please follow all instructions carefully!

General or application fees payments must be made by one of the following options; e-Transfer Auto Deposit, Credit Card (Paymentus) or in person (cash, cheque or debit), failure to do so could mean your payment may get applied incorrectly and cause delays in processing.    

Bill Payment - Taxes Payments Only

Add Strong Township as a payee (search for Taxes or Strong Township). Your account number is your 19 digit roll number: 4946 XXX XXX XXXX 0000, it is used to identify which property your tax payment should be applied to.

E-Transfer Auto Deposit

Log in to your online banking or mobile app

Go to interact e-transfer section and choose e-transfer option.

Add as a contact. Most banks let you give it a nickname, like "Tax Payment" or "General Payment".

Once added, select (or the nickname you gave it) to send payment.

Important:  In the comments section of the e-transfer, please enter one of the following; 19 digit roll#, entrance permit, 911#, trailer permit fee or a description of payment. Without this information, it will be difficult to process and apply the payment appropriately.

Pre-authorized Debit
You can enroll in an automatic payment plan where the amount is withdrawn from your bank account at regular intervals throughout the year for tax payments.  Please complete the Pre-Authorized Payment Form and email it to or stop in at the office to pick up a form.

Note:  Third party cheques will not be accepted.

Web Payment Credit Card - Tax Payments Only

Use our web payment form to pay your taxes.  Only Credit Cards are accepted at this time.  A processing fee of 2% of your payment will be automatically applied.


Credit Card Payment - Third Party Provider

Using Paymentus Corporation, a third party provider, you can pay your taxes or application fees by using your credit card.

Access online, or by telephone 1-877-241-0248. 

Please note a service fee of 2.00% of the payment amount for any credit card transaction is the responsibility of the credit card holder to pay.

You will need your 19 digit roll number to complete credit card payment for taxes.

You will need a 8 digit invoice number to complete credit card payment for general items, such as application fees etc. Please use the date of transaction as your 8 digit invoice number (i.e. yyyymmdd- 20211208).

Local Bank
You will need to provide the teller with your 19 digit roll number as your account number for tax payments.
In Person

The Municipal Administration Office is open for public access on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, closed Wednesday and statutory holidays or by posted notification. A drop box in the front lobby is accessible for payments/correspondence on Wednesdays during normal office hours. Acceptable forms of payment at the Administration Office is cash, cheques or debit. Cheques can be post dated and held until the tax notice due date.