The Township of Strong landfill sites services Strong, Sundridge and Joly residents. Residents can purchase a card for access to the sites from the Township of Strong Municipal Office.  Only one card per property is permitted, as per By-law 2023-031.  

  • Strong residents card fee $10.00
  • Sundridge residents card fee $20.00  
  • Joly residents card fee $20.00
  • Strong and Joly permitted trailers card fee $20.00

Landfill cards are permitted to be used by property owners or tenants renting property.  Owners or tenants must provide proof of ownership or residency.  Any misuse of landfill privileges will result in the suspension of an individuals card.  A $50.00 fee will apply to reactivate card, reoccurrence could result in landfill privileges being permanently revoked.   

Checkout the Landfill Sites page for hours of operation and information.