Dog Licensing

All residents in the Township of Strong that owns a dog must license them annually by purchasing a dog tag or the owner will be subject to fines setout in the By-law 2016-009 to license and regulate dogs. 

Registering for a dog license

You can register online or in person at the administration office located at 28 Municipal Lane. 

  Payment options online
  •  interact e-transfer autodeposit

1. log into your online banking or mobile app

2. look for autodeposit in the interact e-transfer section

3. register your email address and link the account

4. click on complete registration in the confirmation email

To create an e-transfer, please address the transfer to the

In the comments section of the e-transfer please enter a roll#, invoice number, description of item etc. in relation to the payment your submitting, without this information it will be difficult to apply payment properly.

  • credit card

Completed by a third party provider Paymentus Corporation, the option to make a payment on-line with a credit card on-line is available, or by telephone 1-877-241-0248. A service fee of 2 % for the total amount of the transaction is the charged to the card holder. If you are paying for an item other than taxes, you will need to contact the office to obtain an eight digit invoice number.  


 Payment options in person
  •  cash
  • cheque
  • debit card
  • credit card

  Dog tag fees

  • male or spayed female $10.00
  • female not spayed $15.00
  • each additional dog $15.00

 If the By-law Enforcement Officer picks up a dog running at large that does not have a dog tags, the dog will be transported to the humane society. The owner will then deal directly with the humane society and pay all associated cost to get their dog back, as well as pay all fines specified by the Township of Strong.

North Bay Humane Society
2060 Main Street West, North Bay