2020 road infrastructure improvement program

Select an area of interest by clicking the blue button to jump to the information about it. The efforts within this program are organized annually, approved by Council and facilitated by the Public Works department.

Bridge and Culvert Replacement 

Annual replacement or repair of structures that are in need of improvement due to poor condition. This year's program involves the following location:

  • 2020: Rodeo Road Masonry Culvert Rehabilitation - repair abutment walls and wing walls. Road closure is not expected, however some lane closures may occur.

Capital Road Resurfacing and Rehabilitation 

 Gravel Lift

2020 Projects

Note: Full road closures not expected, however some lane closures may occur. 

  • Peacock Road (Joly/Strong Boundary to Hwy 124) 
  • Hill Valley Road (Tower Rd to #11 Overpass)
  • Birch Lane (High Rock Rd to T Intersection) 
  • O’Brien Rd (Hwy 124 to Brookside) 
  • Brookside Rd (O’Brian to Rodeo) 2.0 km 
  • Rodeo Rd (Hwy 124 to Brookside) 2.0 km 

No projects for 2020

Single Surface Treatment (SST) or Double Surface Treatment (DST) 

Note: Full road closures not expected, however some land closures may occur. Gravel roads receiving DST cannot have calcium applied. 

  • Machar Strong Boundary Road (Uplands Road to Cheer Lake Road)
  • High Rock Drive (Albert Street to South Lake Bernard Road) 
Slurry Seal (SS) or Microsurfacing (MS)

No projects for 2020


Road Closures

No planned road closures are expected for 2020 Capital Projects. For notification of unplanned and/or emergency closures, please sign up to CodeRED Notification System.

Ontario 511

For information on all roads, please visit Ontario 511 Traveller Information 

Roadside Ditching

Improvements made to road shouldering and ditching help the overall performance of a road. 

  • Road shoulders help stabilize the edge of the road as they are often used for emergency stopping or pull-over areas.
  • Roadside ditches collect water runoff and provide necessary drainage area too. 

When road shoulders are properly graded, surface water runoff is able to drain to the roadside ditches properly. This reduces the amount of standing water on the road and alongside the road.

2020 Projects

  • Rodeo Rd (Sterling Creek to South Horn Rd)
  • Forest Lake Rd (Union St to Lakeshore Rd) 
  • Schmidt’s Rd (Kent’s Mills to End) 
  • Union St (Forest Lake to end)


Those wishing to report vehicles who are in violation of posted speed limits are encouraged to report to the Ontario Provincial Police and request regular patrols.

Stay Informed 

Capital Road projects are approved annually by Council through the Operating and Capital Budget. You are encouraged to attend the meetings and provide feedback to Council and Staff.  

For notifications of planned or unplanned road closures or work, please sign up to the CodeRED Notification System. 

Year Round Maintenance 

Ongoing or year-round maintenance is a major function of the Public Works department, such as:

  • brushing and tree maintenance
  • pothole repairs
  • traffic warning and regulatory signs
  • various culvert replacements
  • wash-out road restorations
  • winter road maintenance

These areas are monitored in addition to the areas within the capital road resurfacing and rehabilitation program.

Visit the road seasonal maintenance page for full details.

To report any road deficiencies such as potholes, please submit a road inquiry or call 705-384-5819 ext 203