It is your responsibility to book the necessary inspections during building. In general, an inspection is required before covering something up. All documents & plans stamped by the Township of Strong must remain on site in order for the inspections to take place.

Please contact the Building Department to book your inspection.

Typical Inspections

The following list outlines typical inspections. Other inspections may be required for non-residential structures.

  • Pre Footing - readiness to construct the footings, prior to pouring
  • Pre Backfill - completion of the footings and foundation, installation of weeping tile and gravel cover, prior to backfilling
  • ICF / Solid Concrete Walls - completion of reinforced insulated concrete forms (ICF) and solid concrete forms, prior to pouring
  • Framing - completion of structural framing
  • HVAC - completion of the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems
  • Plumbing - installation of underground and/or above ground plumbing systems. A pressure test is required to be on for observation by the inspector, prior to arrival.
  • Insulation & Vapour Barrier - completion of insulation/vapor barrier
  • Air Barrier - completion of the air barrier
  • Occupancy - conditions for residential occupancy generally include the following; required exits, handrails and guards, smoke detectors / carbon monoxide detectors, exhaust fume barriers and self closing devices. Water supply, sewage disposal, heating and lighting must all be operational.
  • Solid Fuel Appliance - after appliance is installed, but prior to covering anything up
  • Final - completion of the entire project
  • Demolition - after structure is demolished

NOTE: No Buildings shall be occupied until such time an occupancy permit is granted or a final inspection has been given by the Building Department.