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                                         Municipal Telephone Numbers

Municipal Office            705-384-5819/5852                        Municipal Garage            ext. 203
Municipal Office Fax     705-384-5892                                                                        Assessment Office       1-866-296-6722                         By-law Enforcement       
O.P.P * Fire * Ambulance Emergency   911                   O.P.P.  Office Only         705-382-2015
Animal Control Shelter  386-0020                               Almaguin Health Centre   705-382-2900   
                                              Municipal Appointed Staff

Clerk/Treasurer                   Linda Maurer  ext 207            Roads Superintendant Kevin Minor  ext 203   Deputy Clerk/Treasurer        Tera Pinkerton   ext 200           Fire Chief & CEMC          Wayne Beavis
Deputy Clerk                       Caitlin Haggart ext 201 
Chief Building Official           Brian Dumas  705-384-9444        Deputy Fire Chief             Jim Schmidt
Deputy CBO                        Tyler Irwin
By-law Enforcement Officer  Jim Mahoney  705-382 - 0503  
                                                                                      Emergency Co-Ordinator   Kevin Minor
The first settlers arrived in Strong Township as early as 1876. Strong Township is a township in the province of Ontario, Canada. Located in the Parry Sound District, the township surrounds but does not include the village of Sundridge. The township had a population of 1,341 in the Canada 2011 Census.The township surrounds Lake Bernard, which is claimed to be the world's largest freshwater lake without an island.The lake is the most important asset. It attracts people in all seasons for swimming, fishing, sailing, canoeing, skating and many other sports. It provides photographers and artists with endless hours of recreation .

From: Council                     To: The Taxpayers                                
We've listed some pertinent information for your convenience. Municipal Office and council chambers are located at 28 Municipal Lane (formerly 1713 Highway # 11). Municipal Garage is located at 64 Municipal Lane (formerly 1693 Highway # 11).
Council Meetings are held the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month. Call the office one week prior to a meeting to be placed on the agenda. Council are open at all times to comments and concerns.
Office: 28 Municipal Lane (formerly 1713 Highway # 11)
           P. O. Box 1120, Sundridge, On POA 1Z0    705-384-5819
            Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (open during lunch)